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Watch Me

Launched in 2007, Watch ME is distributed entirely in Kuwait, one of the strongest and most promising of the Gulf economies. Published five times a year, this Arabic-language magazine features crème de la crème watches and highly-valued, branded jewellery. Coming from the stable of ‘Luxury Publications’, the publishing group with strong and proven credentials in the watches and jewellery sectors, Watch ME has well penetrated and established its roots in the Kuwait market where it is the publication of choice for this industry segment.

The Kuwait retail market has for long been a favourite for manufacturers of upscale watches and high-end jewellery who have firmly set their sights on this oil-rich Northern Gulf state. The relatively prosperous Kuwaitis have a tradition and inclination for luxury goods and the international companies are mindful of this growing appetite for desirable and valued watch and jewellery brands among other luxury product categories.

Supported by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, Watch ME has been steadily harnessing its strengths to make more inroads into the Kuwait market. Leveraging its expertise and media advantages, Watch ME now has firm foundations and is regarded the leader in its genre. Its readership encompasses business leaders, watch and jewellery aficionados, connoisseurs and collectors, industry and retail professionals at all levels of industry including sole agents, regional partners and distributors. The publication is also distributed widely in all of the country’s leading shopping malls, premium retail centres and other major sales outlets.