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Mosaic is the latest addition to portfolio of ‘Luxury Publications’. When the first edition of the magazine rolled hot off the press in November 2010, it was extremely well received and proved to be an instant success.

Mosaic is published ten times annually and enjoys an extensive distribution that spans the Pan Arab world including the wealthy GCC states and the Levant. It draws its strengths from the infrastructure and resources of Luxury Publications, one of the leading, well-established and highly acclaimed publishers in the region providing multi-media solutions and offering a rich stable of titles relating to the regional and international high-end watches and premium jewellery.  

This Arabic-language high lifestyle magazine has a wide ranging, well-balanced editorial mix, comprising features on current events, fashion, luxury, culture, music, arts, health, entertainment and cinema, food and culinary, fine living, housekeeping, travelogues & travel tips and high society lifestyles among a host of other topical subjects and features. This family magazine has current newsworthy topics to interest everyone. It has a broad readership base targeting savvy, affluent households with high levels of education and incomes.

Apart from a committed and highly motivated editorial team in the UAE, Mosaic also has its network of dedicated correspondents in key Middle Eastern cities who regularly send in timely reports and despatches on relevant, pressing issues. The magazine is also competently produced by an experienced, professional team. Mosaic educates, informs and entertains!