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Middle East Watches

Middle East Watches is the only annual, Arabic-language guide devoted exclusively to luxury watches. This special guide, first published in 2007, documents the best of the best offerings and collectibles of premium watch brands. It is an eagerly-sought-after title by watch aficionados, connoisseurs and collectors who treasure the publication for its content and well-researched editorial input.

Middle East Watches contains extensive and key data on specific models with corresponding images that make it a quick and easy point of ready reference and education for watch professionals. Being an annual publication implies that the title enjoys longevity and a prolonged shelf life of one year. Therefore both readers and advertisers are able to draw added mileage through longer retention.

Another significant advantage is the timeliness of its publication. Middle East Watches is published shortly after Baselworld and therefore all of the fresh offerings by the ‘blue chip’ watch brands are properly encapsulated into its profile features.

Middle East Watches can legitimately claim to be the ‘Titan’ among watch publications. The contents represent a veritable who’s who of the industry and brands are carefully and stringently screened for inclusion. Also included in Middle East Watches is a wide-ranging miscellany of industry-related topics from the general to the specific and from the technical to the more aesthetic elements. Included in Middle East Watches are such subjects as Chronographs, Minute Repeaters, Tourbillons to ‘Watch Brand Ambassadors’ and ‘Themed Watches’ to name only a very few.